Replica Cartier Love Black ceramic Ring

Replica Cartier Jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry flows the oldest black blood, with a mysterious gorgeous, mixed with some romantic, in a quiet spread of power. It subverts all the imagination we had for the vampire. Warmth, sweet, beautiful … … So, we also began to explore the dark Gothic style of another sweet smile. Advocating the darkness of the complex in the extreme, with a strange atmosphere, carved forever immortal soul, as if the Gothic princess beautiful smile generally penetrate the line of sight, stationed in your body.
All because of good and evil ambiguity, in the world of Gothic but it is particularly attractive, such a taboo for the fashion industry, but also for the design to bring a more open direction. In the Gothic jewelry design, the designers continue to illusion of a variety of gestures, jump out of the monotonous black and strong sharp, into the romantic aesthetic temperament, so that jewelry in the black theme, into a flashing mysterious world , With the most charming posture, the gloomy Gothic style lightly described as magnificent uninhibited jewelry. In these waves, the Gothic is no longer just a fashion style, it is a way of life. It can make people escape reality and into the fantasy world, it is a mysterious and romantic place.
Black shine on the background of the carved shine, with a fantastic atmosphere to reproduce the wonderful streets of Paris, many wonderful scenery, a princess-like young woman in Paris one day, this is Van Cleef & Arpels Une Journée à Paris ring brought Depict. Chopard stork earrings, unparalleled jewelry inlay craft, decorated with black and white diamonds (white diamond 3 kt, black diamond 2 karats), the ultimate bright, like the beauty of Bella princess as moving. Bulgari B.zero1 series of black ceramic rings, seems to be the challenge of the night, carved with BVLGARI BVLGARI classic double logo, and spiral black ceramic color contrast, bright and even more sharp. In contrast, Ultra series necklaces and rings are permeated with the Replica Cartier Love Ring classic color – black and white, ceramic material to express these two colors in a unique way, avant-garde, bold Chanel woman will always give a different s answer. Diamond gorgeous and black and white mystery, take you to another mysterious world. Cartier’s diamond inlaid pendant exudes a rich and rich gas field, enveloped with extraordinary mysterious glare.

Replica Cartier Love Ring launched in 1990

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring launched in 1990, it is the most representative Replica Cartier ring design. Replica Cartier has just launched Replica Cartier Love Ring series of works of the new season, this series of iconic ring design expands to the full range of jewelry, covering necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and other single product. Designer simplifies the ring wall of the rotating ring, a new series of eye-catching decorative elements.
This series is closely linked to the most special ring wall Circle, can slowly rotating along the rail, stationary jewelry gives vitality.This classic style as a decorative element into the Replica Cartier Jewelry of different types in a single product, the designers Replica Cartier Love Ring distilled into three stacked “little ring ring” on both sides slightly thin, flat symbol ring wall, the central slightly protruding, on behalf of the rotating ring.
The Replica Cartier Jewelry released a total of four new ring, presented different versions of a single diamond, full drilling, most particularly a ring with two rotatable ring.Designer jewelry for different single product made by independent design – the shape of the bracelet which is open at both ends bayonet decorated with “little ring ring” element; necklaces, bracelets and earrings using locking design, the “small ring ring” fixed long chain central, freely adjustable height and position; watch works three places as a laminated ring bezel shape, rose gold are the main material, with bright diamonds to highlight the “small ring ring” element.

Replica Cartier love Ring design concept

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier love Ring the most special is endless stretches of contour, designers will naturally stretch wings extending to the back of the brooch, flat shape skillfully wings extended to three-dimensional shapes, from different angles, can enjoy the dazzling diamond shine.
Replica Cartier Love Ring designer Raphael Canot considered ideal cut diamond shape can make jewelry “vibrant.” In brooch design, different locations wings were used different shape diamond cutting – edge coverts from “brilliant diamonds” transition to “baguette cut diamonds,”Replica Cartier Jewelry launched While Replica Cartier love Ring in the 2012 Imaginary Nature high jewelry series, inspired by the bird spreading its wings flight dynamics. Designers streamlined contour to outline the shape of the wings, mounted three different shapes of cut diamonds to render plump white wings. the flight feathers stretch from ‘ Pear cut diamonds “inlaid.
To highlight the birds in the air and light attitude, most designers to stretch gems arranged in the way you can see have plenty of space between the drop-shaped diamonds, while allowing more light to enter the diamond inside, showing a bright color of fire.

Replica Cartier Love Ring in the integration of love

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring in the integration of love, Cupid as a decorative element. You can see the beetle won caring attitude, Replica Cartier Love Ring for each beetle design with a unique gems such as pink sapphires surrounded by aquamarine, emeralds sapphires surround the main stone, as well as through insect A Cupid shape, express a more playful and lively atmosphere.Mexican jewelry designer Daniela Villegas has just launched a new season of fine jewelry line – Replica Cartier Love Ring, inspired by the “backyard garden beetles.” Designers will love, Cupid and design elements such as beetle shape having romantic meaning of integration, so that the insect themed jewelry has also been soft, feminine styles.
Heart and arrow bunch specially painted with different colors of enamel, jewel beetles back shell echoes.
Daniela Villegas was fond of collecting insect specimens, to become a jewelry designer, she often together with friends to visit the exhibition entomology, insect theme and add outdoor practice, research rich insect shell colors and patterns.
In the new work, colorless diamonds paved the like. She was particularly fond of using Opal “Create” beetle carapace – Opal arc cutting coincides with beetle back shell similar to a natural gemstone color change is also the same as the pattern A colorful insects.