Cartier has just launched a new season


Cartier has just launched a new season Replica Cartier Ring works – Replica Cartier Love Ring, inspired by fashion design elements, such as “2.55 handbags” metal chain, Paris Place Vendome octagonal outline. The designer reinterprets the geometric shapes of the accessories with the building, the natural incorporation of the gemstone mosaic structure, and the wall of the bracelet, the bracelet wall, the long chain design inlaid with two emerald cut green tourmalines, and the malachite slices, decorated with small diamonds.
Replica Cartier Love Ring uses a double octagonal structure – the top mosaic of an octagonal natural crystal, crystal rutile needle as gold in general, the bottom with diamonds outline the emerald cut pattern, creating a rich visual level The The long chain in this series imitates the “2.55 handbag” metal chain, which is also designed as an interlocking chain structure.
Replica Cartier Love Ring consists of four different themes – My Green, My Red, My Golden Link and My Chain.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is inspired by the leather chain, through the tilt of the hollow outline of the gold wrapped around the gesture. “My Red” with gold with a bright red “HyCeram” ceramics, “My Golden Link” is decorated with bright diamonds.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is the theme of architectural elements, the “emerald cut” cleverly integrated into the outline of the octagonal building. For example, in the ring works, the center of the ring inlaid with an octagonal green tourmaline main stone, surrounded by a circle of small round diamonds, the outer circle around the independent cutting of the malachite slices, so that the whole ring just constitute a “emerald Type cut gem “.

France Replica Cartier Love Ring is fashion jewelry

Replcia Cartier Ring

France Replica Cartier Love Ring is fashion jewelry brand has just launched a Replica Cartier love Ring works of the new season is still to “natural element” to render relaxed lifestyle,, a symbol of the golden body, compared with silver wings, reminiscent of bees transparent wings.The most interesting new work is a bee shape pendant – gold-plated material subject to the performance.
you can see the bees, swallows, leaves, twigs and even become coiled Bird’s nest.
As one of the most popular Replica Cartier Love Ring series, Replica Cartier Ring had to love as the theme, simply to render the use of rose gold and silver flowers and flower shape. The designer still will “silver” as the main material, simple lines sketched out the veins and texture wings, and with “gold-plated” material presented more bright colors.