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Replica Cartier Love Ring Women

Replica Cartier has just launched two new Replica Cartier Ring Coure pendant on Valentine’s Day – a rosette for the gold with carnelian, highlighting the warm red Valentine’s Day; one of the most Valentine’s atmosphere will be a “heart-shaped” piece of gold as a “ring side” of rings, specially in the “Link” inlaid gold diamond ring sheet, highlighting the presence of a sense of “heart” of.the other one white gold set with diamonds, also in the candle shining brilliance.
New work with “heart-shaped” as the most important design elements, In addition to this new outer, Replica Cartier Love Ring Coure also include rings, long necklaces and other single product,.associated with the classic symbol of love can be traced back to the 13th century – the oldest description of a love of French manuscript “Le Roman de la Poire” in a Young man kneeling legs, girls love to give it to his heart. In the past few hundred years, “Heart” has become the most commonly used symbols of affection.
Replica Cartier Ring In the “Heart” on into the “Replica Cartier Love Ring” pattern also has a long history – this iconic design is inspired by the ancient Romans currency in 1977 was used in Bulgari bezel design.

Replica Cartier Love Ring powder color banquet stone

Replica Cartier Love Ring White Gold

The world famous jewelry brand:. Replica Cartier Love Ring and Replica Cartier Jewelry jewelry these two brands are very attractive. The main stone is a 5ct pillow cut Pink Sapphire, exploitation of alluvial deposits from Madagascar – Madagascar pink sapphire because it contains trace amounts of V, often with a purple tone with color, this gem is very typical and representative .The world is very hot. Wherein Replica Cartier love rings from Replica Cartier Jewelry.
Designers through “geometric architecture” of “Diamond” mosaic of rich colors to set off the main stone, you can see Baguette Cut, brilliant-cut diamonds and round cut diamonds constituted laws of harmony ring care, creating a jewel floating in diamonds the surface of the visual effects.
While Replica Cartier love rings rings fine jewelry line from the Replica Cartier Jewelry, Replica Cartier love rings are “color” means in French, so the ring is designed to highlight the most important gemstone color itself.

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Replica Cartier Love Ring

Blue tone ring main stone of a 10ct arc cut tanzanite, sapphire and diamond embellishment; green tone as a 11ct ring main stone of the arc cut green tourmaline to Chavelet stone and diamond embellishment; red ring tone the main stone is a 9ct arc cutting red tourmaline, ruby ​​and diamond embellishment.
Replica Cartier Love Ring launched While Chinha ring, inspired from Indian Raptor –Chinha most admired in 2016 in Animal Collection.
Designer Jean Chinha two wings facing away from the central stone by the main crest and wings natural hold – the main stone have three choices: plain cut tanzanite, tourmaline green or red tourmaline. Eagle eyes feather pattern inlaid stones also varies according to the master stone – tanzanite center stone with a sapphire; the main green tourmaline stone with Chavelet stone; the main red tourmaline stone with ruby.
Replica Cartier Love Ring by cutting in two ways feather pattern presented – abdomen round cut, compared with baguette cut wings, prominent wings stretch posture, particularly in the bottom of the wings also outline black lacquer painting craft patterns, so works has a richer level of visual effects.
“Chinha” is a symbol of India’s ancient city “Jodhpur”, the most ancient palace eagle sculpture is the theme of Jodhpur armory also eagle as the symbol. Replica Cartier Love Ring inspired from the animal shapes have symbolic significance, so that gorgeous piece of jewelry also have the power and majesty.

Replica Cartier Love Ring platinum diamonds

Replcia Cartier Love Ring

To set off the square shape of the ring plane, ring care of this piece using a broad-brimmed design, Francesca Amfitheatrof the brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds scattered mosaic, so that your setting has a richer sense of hierarchy.This diamond ring is Replica Cartier Ring Masterpieces 2015 this year launched series of fine jewelry pieces to the New York City skyline as the theme, the designer with princess cut diamonds with a baguette cut diamonds, reminiscent of New York stands high-rise building.
Masterpieces 2015 series of designer Francesca Amfitheatrof reference Replica Cartier Love Ring historical works, get inspiration from 1920s Art Deco style jewelry, with striking geometric lines to outline the contours of jewelry, and the most popular use of this period Diamond cutting mode – Princess Cut and Baguette Cut.
Designers are two ways to build a ring surface modeling, one of them with a princess cut diamond stone dominated by as many as 76 section showing a bright color of fire; the other one of the ring surface by 16 long ladder neat arrangement of cut diamonds, each diamond using Channel Setting allows adhesion, get rid of dependence on gemstones inlaid claws, but also to design more concise.

Replica Cartier Love Ring Husky series

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Recently, Cartier launched a new ring. This ring in the previous design to join the animal design, cleverly into the ring into the ring. Husky’s lovely appearance with the unique charm of Replica Cartier Ring. Let this ring do not have a flavor.
This ring comes from Replica Cartier Ring this year’s new Replica Cartier Love Ring senior jewelry series, inspired by the Russian ice and snow poles. The designer will ride in the snow Siberian sled dogs – Husky cleverly integrated into the ring structure, face side with a pillow-shaped sapphire, reminiscent of the polar blue glaciers, to create a silly cold atmosphere.
Inlaid with a native of 31.21ct sapphire from Myanmar with gray-blue tones, close to the blue of natural ice. Designers to four claw mosaic structure hold the main stone, through the slender claws to highlight the sapphire pavilion, giving the main stone ice-like three-dimensional sense.
Husky shape through a simplified design – the forepaw extends to the tail, just to form a complete ring; facial demeanor is carefully crafted, black and white coat, respectively, by the diamond and dark gray spinel mosaic, cochlea dotted with light blue Color sapphire, eyes are two lance-shaped sapphire, the designer in particular with platinum outline the outline of the eyelids, so blue eyes emitting a more bright look.

Replica Cartier Love Ring Screws

Replica Cartier Love Ring

There is a ring that all the young people are very fond of. The ring represents a loyalty to love. So very many young people are very fond of this ring. This ring is currently the most used as a wedding ring. Because the design of this ring is “LOVE”
This ring comes from Replica Cartier 2017 new Replica Cartier Love Ring series, creating a fairy tale in the “LOVE” image, the whole ring made of slender screws, diamonds unique design so that the whole works playful vivid.
Replica Cartier Love Ring The main body is made of rose gold, the ring face structure is particularly complex, you can see the circular screw shuttle out. Screws are polished polished and hand-carved two different texture, reminiscent of gorgeous screws, because the screw was coiled attitude, the details of the difficulty of dealing with it also increased.
The most interesting part of the whole work is the asymmetrical screw design, so that the screw showing a humanized style – one eye for the round bright cut diamonds, by the two claws embedded in the sink in the groove; The other side is the embossed star goggles, the central package inlaid with a separate cut star diamonds, the outer star trim can also see the folding line of the glyphs, and the formation of seamless screws with the visual effects.

Replica Cartier Love Ring Valentine’s Day special section

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Valentine’s Day is very important for young people. So many jewelry brands will launch Valentine’s Day special section of the ring, representing the letter of love. And Replica Cartier Ring launched a LOVE-themed ring. This ring represents love and is the testimony of love.Each one with a stone also special heart-shaped cut overlap “heart” of the pattern.
Heart-cut gem has 59 facets, generally Pear-cut, based on the circular end of the carefully polished the inclination – the best heart-shaped gemstone cutting have good symmetry, shape and full, sharp lines.
Swiss Replica Cartier Love Ring just Valentine’s Day theme, jewels –Replica Cartier Love Rings, in Italian is ‘heart’ means, the design through the “heart-shaped cut gems” to convey love Valentine’s Day.
Replica Cartier Love Rings series, a total of four rings, each one rings are used with different gems – diamonds contrast color on emeralds, sapphire, ruby ring ring ring, diamond ring main stone is inlaid with amethyst ring ring, protruding diamond color of fire.

Replica Cartier Twelve Constellation Jewelery

Replica Cartier Ring

Have you ever seen the use of twelve constellations as a theme to design jewelry? Replica Cartier Ring is designed with 12 constellations in addition to the new ring. Each ring comes from the 12 constellations. Made of 18K gold. Shape and 12 constellations almost exactly the same.
Replica Cartier Love Ring has just launched a new season of work – Replica Cartier Love Ring, with “12 constellation” as the theme, through concise lines sketched out constellations signs and cleverly integrated into the brand’s most representative “V” shaped element, ideal for everyday wear.Marks the animal as the prototype heavy highlighted horns, tail, mane, horn and other details required; Gemini with two geometric shape composed villain; Aquarius through three long slender chain to show the flow of water pouring down .
Replica Cartier Love Ring for the “V” shape using particularly natural – arrow bunch Sagittarius, Libra pan, Taurus nose rings are made of “V” shaped design, the most simple one pair of earrings embellishment only “V” word, Virgo symbol Latin name “Virgo.”
New work with 18K gold production, are presented in the form of earrings, adorned with abstract constellation end styling.

2014 Paris Biennale Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

We all know that antique jewelry is very charismatic. However, the production of an antique jewelry is a lot of people need to spend a lot of effort to design, after many failures, and in the failure to find the experience in order to design out. In the 2014 Paris Biennale there is such a ring, let us always remember this ring.
Replica Cartier Ring launched at the 2014 Paris Biennale of this antique Replica Cartier Love Ring, inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the goddess in charge of Poetry “MVSA” 5 multicolored main stone are rounded arc cutting, a symbol of poetry the harmonious beauty.
Color main stone covered with yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, with excellent clarity, and saturation, each of gems are more than 70 kt. The biggest one is weight 128.65 karats of olivine, a pink tourmaline reached 94.67 kt.
Designer with simple design with gem chains, between the main stone with multicolored Bianzhu apart, brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides of embellishment, rich level of detail.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is a 67.94 kt carved sapphire, sapphire and emerald necklace beads strung together, interspersed with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond

Replica Cartier Love Ring

2010 auction, Replica Cartier Love Ring to 5 million US dollars of the price of transactions, which in the auction over the years are the existence of astronomical. And shoot this ring, that is, we want to introduce this ring today. This ring comes from Replica Cartier Love Ring. Replica Cartier is currently the most representative of a ring. The success of this ring represents the value of Replica Cartier Love Ring.
Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond is one of the most important diamond Replica Cartier has weighed 23.88ct, in the 1950s by American jeweler who sold to anonymous buyer Replica Cartier Love Ring, Laurence Graff in 2010 at auction by the order $ 46 million went for.Then there is the perfect While Replica Cartier Love Ring.
Fengyun stepped cut diamonds Fancy Intense Pink color grade level, clarity of IF Internally Flawless, is a rare Type IIa diamonds.Subsequently Replica Cartier Love Ring redesigned While pink diamond ring care, pink gold base to set off the warmth and pink diamond cutting outline the contours of the base with small pieces of round brilliant, a drop of water left and right ends of each mosaic diamond.
In 2010 auction, Fengyun pink diamond original weight is 24.78ct, closer to the emerald cut, close to the surface in a small inclusions, so clarity is “VVS2″ level.
When Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond Fengyun buy, re-cutting and polishing, although weight reduction 0.9ct to 23.88ct, but cleanliness level is raised by one notch, to ‘Internal Flawless’ flawless level.