Replica Cartier Love Ring Screws

Replica Cartier Love Ring

There is a ring that all the young people are very fond of. The ring represents a loyalty to love. So very many young people are very fond of this ring. This ring is currently the most used as a wedding ring. Because the design of this ring is “LOVE”
This ring comes from Replica Cartier 2017 new Replica Cartier Love Ring series, creating a fairy tale in the “LOVE” image, the whole ring made of slender screws, diamonds unique design so that the whole works playful vivid.
Replica Cartier Love Ring The main body is made of rose gold, the ring face structure is particularly complex, you can see the circular screw shuttle out. Screws are polished polished and hand-carved two different texture, reminiscent of gorgeous screws, because the screw was coiled attitude, the details of the difficulty of dealing with it also increased.
The most interesting part of the whole work is the asymmetrical screw design, so that the screw showing a humanized style – one eye for the round bright cut diamonds, by the two claws embedded in the sink in the groove; The other side is the embossed star goggles, the central package inlaid with a separate cut star diamonds, the outer star trim can also see the folding line of the glyphs, and the formation of seamless screws with the visual effects.

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