Replica Cartier Love Ring platinum diamonds

Replcia Cartier Love Ring

To set off the square shape of the ring plane, ring care of this piece using a broad-brimmed design, Francesca Amfitheatrof the brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette cut diamonds scattered mosaic, so that your setting has a richer sense of hierarchy.This diamond ring is Replica Cartier Ring Masterpieces 2015 this year launched series of fine jewelry pieces to the New York City skyline as the theme, the designer with princess cut diamonds with a baguette cut diamonds, reminiscent of New York stands high-rise building.
Masterpieces 2015 series of designer Francesca Amfitheatrof reference Replica Cartier Love Ring historical works, get inspiration from 1920s Art Deco style jewelry, with striking geometric lines to outline the contours of jewelry, and the most popular use of this period Diamond cutting mode – Princess Cut and Baguette Cut.
Designers are two ways to build a ring surface modeling, one of them with a princess cut diamond stone dominated by as many as 76 section showing a bright color of fire; the other one of the ring surface by 16 long ladder neat arrangement of cut diamonds, each diamond using Channel Setting allows adhesion, get rid of dependence on gemstones inlaid claws, but also to design more concise.

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