Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond

Replica Cartier Love Ring

2010 auction, Replica Cartier Love Ring to 5 million US dollars of the price of transactions, which in the auction over the years are the existence of astronomical. And shoot this ring, that is, we want to introduce this ring today. This ring comes from Replica Cartier Love Ring. Replica Cartier is currently the most representative of a ring. The success of this ring represents the value of Replica Cartier Love Ring.
Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond is one of the most important diamond Replica Cartier has weighed 23.88ct, in the 1950s by American jeweler who sold to anonymous buyer Replica Cartier Love Ring, Laurence Graff in 2010 at auction by the order $ 46 million went for.Then there is the perfect While Replica Cartier Love Ring.
Fengyun stepped cut diamonds Fancy Intense Pink color grade level, clarity of IF Internally Flawless, is a rare Type IIa diamonds.Subsequently Replica Cartier Love Ring redesigned While pink diamond ring care, pink gold base to set off the warmth and pink diamond cutting outline the contours of the base with small pieces of round brilliant, a drop of water left and right ends of each mosaic diamond.
In 2010 auction, Fengyun pink diamond original weight is 24.78ct, closer to the emerald cut, close to the surface in a small inclusions, so clarity is “VVS2″ level.
When Replica Cartier Love Ring pink diamond Fengyun buy, re-cutting and polishing, although weight reduction 0.9ct to 23.88ct, but cleanliness level is raised by one notch, to ‘Internal Flawless’ flawless level.

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