Replica Cartier Love Ring Husky series

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Recently, Cartier launched a new ring. This ring in the previous design to join the animal design, cleverly into the ring into the ring. Husky’s lovely appearance with the unique charm of Replica Cartier Ring. Let this ring do not have a flavor.
This ring comes from Replica Cartier Ring this year’s new Replica Cartier Love Ring senior jewelry series, inspired by the Russian ice and snow poles. The designer will ride in the snow Siberian sled dogs – Husky cleverly integrated into the ring structure, face side with a pillow-shaped sapphire, reminiscent of the polar blue glaciers, to create a silly cold atmosphere.
Inlaid with a native of 31.21ct sapphire from Myanmar with gray-blue tones, close to the blue of natural ice. Designers to four claw mosaic structure hold the main stone, through the slender claws to highlight the sapphire pavilion, giving the main stone ice-like three-dimensional sense.
Husky shape through a simplified design – the forepaw extends to the tail, just to form a complete ring; facial demeanor is carefully crafted, black and white coat, respectively, by the diamond and dark gray spinel mosaic, cochlea dotted with light blue Color sapphire, eyes are two lance-shaped sapphire, the designer in particular with platinum outline the outline of the eyelids, so blue eyes emitting a more bright look.

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