Replica Cartier Love Ring auctions

Replica Cartier Ring Diamonds

Replica Cartier Ring Diamonds

At each auction, there will be a lot of jewelry auction a very high price, which is why there are a lot of people willing to collect jewelry. One of the most famous is the Replica Cartier Ring auction price. But also many collectors are most willing to collect jewelry.
Replica Cartier Ring at Bonhams New York jewelry auction on December 8, and inlaid with weight 7.84ct Kashmir sapphire ring with $ 1.35 million deal, a single carat price up to $ 172,000, or less broke 10ct Kashmir sapphire single Carat auction records.
Replica Cartier Ring This is an early design of antique rings, three-stone design using simple – in the middle of a 7.84ct Kashmir sapphire, both sides of the European-cut colorless diamonds.
According to the appraisal report issued AGL laboratory, Fengyun oval cut sapphire origin Kashmir region, has not been heat-treated. Bonhams evaluate this gem has “a rich dark blue”, “extremely rare.”
The main stone is a 7.84ct Kashmir sapphire, both sides are inlaid weight 1.37ct and 1.42ct Europe cut diamonds, 18K yellow gold ring care use.
Since the amount of surviving few, Kashmir sapphire auction prices often there is a big difference, for example, the other one in this auction Replica Cartier Love Ring, only the price of $ 269,000 in turnover, heavy set with a 5.23ct pincushion cut Kashmir sapphire , also without a heat treatment. Use 18K platinum ring care production, the main stone mosaic sides half-moon cut diamonds.
The main stone is a 5.23ct Kashmir sapphire, both sides were lined with half-moon weight 0.49ct and 0.41ct diamonds, the GIA was identified as D color VS1 clarity diamond, made of 18K platinum metal.
We believe that a variety of factors make the two sapphire ring such a huge difference in prices. The first comes from a ring Replica Cartier Love Ring early design work, mosaic mode is simple single claw inlay, and diamond cutting process using early – European-style cut, is a sense of antique’s ring. The contrast, the second gold ring design and cutting significantly more modern.

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