Replica Cartier Love Gold Foil Ring

Replcia Cartier Love Ring

“Paillette” gold foil beads first appeared in a piece of work in the Replica Cartier Love Ring 1939, where the jeweler drilled in a bowl of gold foil and embedded in a bright round diamond, like a blooming “Ranunculus” – New series of names “Bouton d’or” is the French “Ranunculus Flower” means. The base of each piece of beads is connected with the “hinged structure” and the ring, when you wear on your fingers, the beads will be gently swaying because of your movements, the fire of the diamond also flickers.
The ring comes from the “Bouton d’or” fine jewelry from Replica Cartier Love Ring, inspired by the unique decorative element of the Replica Cartier Love Ring in the 1930s – “Paillette” gold foil beads.
In this “Bouton d’or” ring, the designer will use the gem to the new design, with agate, mother of pearl to replace the original design of the “gold foil”, each piece of “beads” shape and more Rounded.
The center of the ring is an agate cut from the beads, surrounded by eight mother of pearl beads, the most peripheral is the rose gold beads, beads in the central mosaic of a bright cut diamonds.

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