Chinha most admired in 2016 in Animal Collection

Replcia Cartier Ring

Blue tone ring main stone of a 10ct arc cut tanzanite,Eagle eyes feather pattern inlaid stones also varies according to the master stone – tanzanite center stone with a sapphire; sapphire and diamond embellishment; green tone as a 11ct ring main stone of the arc cut green tourmaline to Chavelet stone and diamond embellishment; Replica Cartier Love Ring inspired from the animal shapes have symbolic significance, so that gorgeous piece of jewelry also have the power and ring tone the main stone is a 9ct arc cutting red tourmaline, ruby ​​and diamond embellishment.
Replica Cartier Love Ring launched While Chinha ring, inspired from Indian Raptor –Chinha most admired in 2016 in Animal Collection.
Replica Cartier Love Ring by cutting in two ways feather pattern presented – abdomen round cut, compared with baguette cut wings, prominent wings stretch posture, particularly in the bottom of the wings also outline black lacquer painting craft patterns, so works has a richer level of visual effects.
Designer Jean Chinha two wings facing away from the central stone by the main crest and wings natural hold – the main stone have three choices: plain cut tanzanite, tourmaline green or red tourmaline. the main green tourmaline stone with Chavelet stone; the main red tourmaline stone with ruby.
“Chinha” is a symbol of India’s ancient city “Jodhpur”, the most ancient palace eagle sculpture is the theme of Jodhpur armory also eagle as the symbol.

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