Cartier launched an antique ring in 2015

Replica Cartier Ring

Replica Cartier Ring

Cartier launched an antique ring in 2015. This antique ring has been 2 years now. Today we are back and forth under the charm of this ring it.
Replica Cartier Ring launched at the 2015 Paris Biennale this antique ring –Replica Cartier Love Rings, whose name is “harmony” in Italian meaning, designers use perfectly symmetrical geometric shapes to represent the harmonious beauty of the jewelry.
Both Replica Cartier Love Rings with an “X” shape as the basic shape, with a rich texture. 2 main stone emerald cut Sugar Loaf Mountain, “X” shaped outer surround using ruby ​​outline, the gap between the dotted with bright diamond. “Emerald” in the main stone and vice stone “red” exactly in stark contrast to each other to bring out the full natural colors.
In order to fit this piece of geometric outlines, rubies are used “Calibre-Cut” cutting. This cutting mode first appeared in the Art Deco style period, in accordance with the form of mosaic track for each independent custom cut jewel form, such as square, rectangular, trapezoidal, etc., in order to ensure not to leave any gaps between the stones, forming a seamless Visual effect. Because of high production costs this cutting artificial way, modern jewelry work has rarely able to see.
The outermost layer of diamond is used Baguette-Cut, also let gemstone closely arranged, so that the whole piece more unified style.

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