1910 Replica Cartier emerald ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

2017 Canadian auction house Dupuis will hold the Replica Cartier Ring Autumn Auction in Toronto with 469 pieces of jewelry. The highlights include a 3ct Colombian emerald, a 7.06ct emerald-cut diamond once collected by Russian aristocrats, and several plant-animal natural jewelry themes.
The works of the major jewelers and designers can be seen in the interpretation of the theme of nature, such as the David Webb produced the frog, tiger theme bracelets, Van Cleef & Arpels diamond flower brooches, etc., Jean Schlumberger Replica Cartier Love Ring goldfish brooch design In particular, the fish body consists of a black Opal inlay, fins and tail are dotted with small round diamonds, and opal-rich natural color to shine.
The most important auction of this field is a 1910 Replica Cartier Love Ring emerald ring, the main stone is a 7.06ct emerald cut diamonds, set on both sides of a ladder-shaped cut diamonds, GIA identified as F color, VVS1 clarity, setting made by Platinum. , Identified by AGL from Colombia. Originally owned by the Russian Prince Felix Youssoupoff, the ring was exiled to Paris in the 1920s and was sold to Cartier by a Canadian buyer.
Also worth noting is a 7.06ct emerald-cut diamonds, identified by the GIA F color, VVS1 clarity. The diamond is set in a platinum Replica Cartier Love Ring, embellished with a step-shaped cut diamonds on each side. This ring is valued at 200,000 -26 million Canadian dollars, is the highest auction this auction a single product.

How long it takes to design a piece of jewelry

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Traditional design jewelry is always able to give a very classic amount of feeling. How to make these jewelry is very knowledgeable. We all know that a good jewelry is polished by the designer. It takes a lot of energy. Cartier has such a jewelry.
Cartier has just launched the second season of “Résonances de Cartier” Fine Jewelry, which consists of more than 60 pieces of jewelry. The new work uses more arc cut gem and semi-precious stones, the design continues a number of Cartier’s traditional themes such as geometry, fruit kit and natural style and so on.
The Replica Cartier Love Ring is still the most complicated piece of design. Designers use diamonds with layered ring elements such as feathers, butterfly grids and waves to focus their vision on the larger stone – the most attractive gem Is a 19.79ct pincushion cut sapphire, red tourmaline also appears in multiple pieces Replica Cartier Love Ring design. Replica Cartier Love Ring pendant has a 40.40ct drop teardrop-shaped red tourmaline, with red tourmaline beads on both sides and “Caliber Cut” arc cut red tourmaline, dotted with small diamonds, painted with black paint.
Tutti Frutti style Sambhal Replica Cartier Love Ring with Choi leaves and fruit “string” a dress-like round neck shape, round neck central 59.20ct carved sapphires can be removed separately.
Design is the most ingenious work is to set a 32.35ct sugar bread cut Originelle platinum sapphire ring, both ends of the sapphire cut with a special emerald ladder-shaped set, the other ends are angular platinum diamond ring wall, the three The perfect blend of color and cut gems.
Natural theme works presented in different animal elements – cheetah guarding the red tourmaline, crocodile sandwiched an emerald between the end of the bird wings hold up a sugar mountain bread cutting tourmaline.

Replica Cartier Love Ring Pink Gold

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Cartier introduced the ring in 2017 in the Replica Cartier Love Ring, a new collection of high-end jewelery inspired by the gardens of Versailles. The designers create a romantic fairy tale through the use of nearly 10 colorful objects to create decorative elements in the garden.
The central stone of the Replica Cartier Love Ring is an emerald-cut “Paraiba tourmaline,” a bright aqua blue that resembles the crystal-clear waters of the garden. A square gemstone silhouette accentuates the traces of man-made repairs, with a white gold claw ingeniously hidden beneath blooming petals.
The edge of the main stone is surrounded by colored stones inlaid with flowers and foliage – alternating pink pink sapphires and diamonds set in the petals; the green leaves by the size of the gradual emerald and Tsavorite stone; flowers dotted with small yellow Sapphire flower, yellow beryl bud, bright colors reveal the vitality of the garden.

Replica Cartier Love ring pink diamond

Replica Cartier Love Ring

On November 28, a 14.93ct oval pink diamond Replica Cartier Love Ring will be auctioned off at Christie’s Hong Kong. The pink diamond reached Fancy Vivid Pink color level, estimated 28 million -4200 million, is expected to refresh Christie’s Hong Kong jewelry auction records.
Replica Cartier Love Ring has a Type IIa pink diamond, identified as the VVS1 clarity level, rarely seen in the field more than 15ct with the same level of pink diamond. The pink diamond is currently inlaid in a four-prong inlaid ring, surrounded by a small round diamond main diamond pink color.
Also noteworthy in this auction are a 8.80ct emerald cut diamond and a 8.17ct Burma ruby – 8.80ct pink diamond achieves Fancy Intense Pink and VVS1 clarity; 8.17 Burmese Ruby reaches Pigeon Blood .
The main stone is a 14.93ct oval cutting pink diamond, Fancy Vivid Pink level, clarity grade VVS1, is a Type IIa diamond.

Replica Cartier love Couple ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

The ring represents a token of love. General men give ladies rings, all represent a marriage proposal. So the average man in the choice of giving girls ring will be selected for a long time.
It also took me a long time to choose the ring when I first proposed marriage. In the end, I chose the Replica Cartier Love Ring, a ring that is famous all over the world. Has a very many years of history, but this ring is also very symbolic, represents the love of life loyalty.
Many people like to choose diamond ring. And I very much like to ring, this may be my personal hobby one. Ring more able to reflect the sweetness of love. Replica Cartier Love Ring is this one of the ring.
Copy Cartier Love Ring has a very beautiful packaging. Is a red box. This box gives a very good feeling. Because the total box is often very beautiful. Red is also one of my favorite colors.
Replica Cartier Love Ring rings tend not to be too expensive to buy online mall only need more than 100 dollars will be able to buy. The price is also very cheap, for most people are acceptable.

Replica Cartier Love Ring UK

Replica Cartier Love Ring

This ring from Cartier this year’s new Replica Cartier Love Ring senior jewelry series, inspired by the Russian ice and snow polar flying “snow owl”. Designers to extract the snow owl rounded stature, cleverly into the ring ring design, and with diamonds out to shape the whole body of white feathers.
Replica Cartier Love Ring was full of curved outline, imitation of the snow owl’s head shape. On the side of the ring, you can see two bright yellow sapphires, which represent the bright and clever eyes of the snow owl. The jeweler specializes in punching yellow sapphires and embeds two onyx pupils in the center to make the eye more eyeful. The edge of the ring is the hook of the general snow owl beak, especially after the black-plated treatment close to the natural bird beak color.
Replica Cartier Love Ring on both sides of the snow owl is the white wings, round brilliant cut diamonds from the row. Designers in platinum to outline the contours of the edge of the feathers, and black paint to highlight, as snow owl feathers on the black spots.

Replica Cartier Love Black ceramic Ring

Replica Cartier Jewelry

Replica Cartier Jewelry flows the oldest black blood, with a mysterious gorgeous, mixed with some romantic, in a quiet spread of power. It subverts all the imagination we had for the vampire. Warmth, sweet, beautiful … … So, we also began to explore the dark Gothic style of another sweet smile. Advocating the darkness of the complex in the extreme, with a strange atmosphere, carved forever immortal soul, as if the Gothic princess beautiful smile generally penetrate the line of sight, stationed in your body.
All because of good and evil ambiguity, in the world of Gothic but it is particularly attractive, such a taboo for the fashion industry, but also for the design to bring a more open direction. In the Gothic jewelry design, the designers continue to illusion of a variety of gestures, jump out of the monotonous black and strong sharp, into the romantic aesthetic temperament, so that jewelry in the black theme, into a flashing mysterious world , With the most charming posture, the gloomy Gothic style lightly described as magnificent uninhibited jewelry. In these waves, the Gothic is no longer just a fashion style, it is a way of life. It can make people escape reality and into the fantasy world, it is a mysterious and romantic place.
Black shine on the background of the carved shine, with a fantastic atmosphere to reproduce the wonderful streets of Paris, many wonderful scenery, a princess-like young woman in Paris one day, this is Van Cleef & Arpels Une Journée à Paris ring brought Depict. Chopard stork earrings, unparalleled jewelry inlay craft, decorated with black and white diamonds (white diamond 3 kt, black diamond 2 karats), the ultimate bright, like the beauty of Bella princess as moving. Bulgari B.zero1 series of black ceramic rings, seems to be the challenge of the night, carved with BVLGARI BVLGARI classic double logo, and spiral black ceramic color contrast, bright and even more sharp. In contrast, Ultra series necklaces and rings are permeated with the Replica Cartier Love Ring classic color – black and white, ceramic material to express these two colors in a unique way, avant-garde, bold Chanel woman will always give a different s answer. Diamond gorgeous and black and white mystery, take you to another mysterious world. Cartier’s diamond inlaid pendant exudes a rich and rich gas field, enveloped with extraordinary mysterious glare.

Replica Cartier Love Ring Online Sale UK

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Founded in 1847 centuries jewelry brand Cartier, has its unique royal tolerance and luxury art style engraved with the legend of the times, creating a lot of women across the era of style, has been closely linked with the history of Cartier famous female Duchess of Windsor Grace Kelly of Monaco, Mexican actress Maria Felix and Elizabeth Taylor, the Hollywood superstar, are the most representative and interpretation of the four classic qualities of “legend, nobility, mystery, strength” in Cartier jewelery.
Because the individual on the Cartier animal series design in particular, so the four of the Mexican actress Maria Felix this crocodile necklace story particularly impressive, it is said that when she put the little crocodile to get their own Cartier store Said: “give me something exactly the same necklace!” Style of sharp and powerful female god ah!
Recently the most eye-catching Cartier legend new event First, the British prince wedding ceremony, the new Princess Kate wearing a diamond crown is from the emperor’s jeweler Cartier, called “Halo”, produced in 1936, by the Duke of York Bought to his wife, and as a daughter 18 birthday gift to Elizabeth. The traditional marriage in the bride’s body to have “a little bit new, a little bit old, a little borrowed, a little blue.” That Kate follow the British wedding custom “Something Borrowed” practice, put on This is the top of the Queen from the Queen of the noble diamond crown, and Cartier began to write a new legend.
The other side is the French Cannes red carpet just staged Fan Bingbing show with cranes, and with millions of Replica Cartier Love Ring, attracted a lot of attention. And Cartier this time the senior jewelry series also just invited Fan Bingbing to the brand “legend, noble, mysterious, power,” the four women’s style to re-fashion interpretation. Whether you like or do not like people, are undeniable Fan Bingbing’s beauty, and Fan Ye in the film and television experience of the ups and downs of the road and the hard work of hard to see, at least very worthy of Cartier jewelry style “legend” and “power” Characteristics.
May 13, 2011, Cartier in the classic and unique characteristics of the Shanghai 1933 old field held a high-level jewelry feast, but also to watch the arrival of the arrival of more than two hundred pieces of high-level jewelry series. With the luxury and beauty of the most thorough perception and understanding, Cartier has been like from the natural, mythology and other things to draw inspiration, exquisite craftsmanship in the colorful gorgeous treasures, carved out of the world envy of the treasures. I particularly like the following two jewelry necklace and two pairs of earrings design, its highly creative Smart design, the world’s rare jewelry selection, vividly show the jewelry master Zoran’s handmade skills and beyond the creative pursuit of time.

Replica Cartier Love Ring New wave series

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Cartier Love in 2013 released a new series of jewelry – Replica Cartier Love Ring new wave series, with creative jewelry and cocktail rings inherited Cartier’s classic design concept, and the brand and borrow the Paris female elements of the design style, clever grasp The unique connotation of the field of jewelry production. Through a block, everywhere filled with the charm of women in Paris, sometimes happy and playful, sometimes enchanting, she often glamorous, and often delicate euphemism, persistent and exudes noble spirit. This jewelry series is like a harmonious and sweet and hymns, intended to show the details of the different, color changes, moving temperament and the inner charm. Cartier through the jewelry creative design, the Paris women to pursue the feelings of freedom and avant-garde fashion style dripping show. Different shapes of Replica Cartier Love Ring and staggered streets, vertical and horizontal bridge is exactly the same, as if about a city of women and jewelry designers “love story”, toward the twilight, romance.
Baroque architecture is not only luxurious atmosphere and fine elegant, but in Paris, this style is with all the art schools blend with each other, reflecting the history of the city’s generosity and tolerance. Basically, the prosperity of the city comes from the wisdom of the inspiration and cultural accumulation. The first step to the Tokyo Palace is the cradle of art and thought, where the men and women in Paris elaborate their views and reach the sublimation of thought. With K gold to create a hollow jewelry shape, to neoclassical style dome design inspiration, so that the slightest light transmission in, like from the kingdom of the call, dazzling, but also for the dim night decorated bright brilliant. Precious material and fine metal hinge process, the jewelry will show the charm of moving. The top of the ring is decorated with pearls or diamonds Replica Cartier Love Ring, and decorated with arabic pattern bracelet, regardless of its shape is a ring or a broken line, regardless of its material is pearls or diamonds, can not hide the elegant and charming temperament, and Elusive mind … … This is the charm of Paris, is the infinite charm of the blend, at the same time, women’s eternal gentle tenderness also will be born again.
Nowadays, such a wide variety of culture and wisdom can create a seemingly simple simple style, the birth of geometric patterns for the creation of modern women, they are good at using minimalism to show noble and elegant charm, it is this Style, has become a hard collar and bracelet design source, its simple and generous temperament from the rose K gold material clasp, and two relative to each other’s ornaments constitute the geometry and outline its outline again. Smoke crystal, hematite, amethyst and diamonds with each other to create a strip of ornaments, in their decorations, the two semi-circular shape showing a gradient of color. So meticulous production process, designed to give a rigid jewelry personality, it highlights the free and unrestrained Paris female style.

New Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

Has a unique elegant atmosphere, the new design, the new packaging designed a new ring. This ring integrates the unique charm of Replica Cartier Ring, the elegant atmosphere into the design, making the whole ring more attractive.
Replica Cartier Ring 2014 new listing of the new Replica Cartier Love Ring series, is a unique mantra, unlock the magic of the guardian, which treasure the heart of the desire. This is a fascinating jewel, made of mother of pearl, onyx or diamonds. Compact buckle, magnificent hollow and hidden collection function, so charming.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is like a rounded pebble, inlaid with mother of pearl, onyx or diamonds, left in the diamond or onyx. A precious jewel for yourself or someone else, a chic ring in the finger. Open the Replica Cartier Love Ring way is also unique, like a lock-like design, inspired by the 50’s large lock decorative bracelet. Like the guard of the desire to protect the wearer’s secret, but also for the owner to bring good luck.
The new Replica Cartier Love Ring more fashion, adding more fashionable, it is also to meet the young people’s preferences. And the new packaging is to make this ring to add more unique charm.