2014 Paris Biennale Replica Cartier Love Ring

Replica Cartier Love Ring

We all know that antique jewelry is very charismatic. However, the production of an antique jewelry is a lot of people need to spend a lot of effort to design, after many failures, and in the failure to find the experience in order to design out. In the 2014 Paris Biennale there is such a ring, let us always remember this ring.
Replica Cartier Ring launched at the 2014 Paris Biennale of this antique Replica Cartier Love Ring, inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the goddess in charge of Poetry “MVSA” 5 multicolored main stone are rounded arc cutting, a symbol of poetry the harmonious beauty.
Color main stone covered with yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, with excellent clarity, and saturation, each of gems are more than 70 kt. The biggest one is weight 128.65 karats of olivine, a pink tourmaline reached 94.67 kt.
Designer with simple design with gem chains, between the main stone with multicolored Bianzhu apart, brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides of embellishment, rich level of detail.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is a 67.94 kt carved sapphire, sapphire and emerald necklace beads strung together, interspersed with brilliant-cut diamonds.

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